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Multi-Mode RS232 / RS485 / RS422 to Fiber Optic Converter

Model: SER-FIBER-MM - $135.95

Category: Fiber Optic Media Converters



Multi-mode ST Serial to Fiber Optic Converter

Multi-Mode (MM) RS232 / RS485 / RS422 to Fiber Optic Converter - ST Connector

Multi-mode SC Serial to Fiber Optic Converter

Multi-Mode (MM) RS232 / RS485 / RS422 to Fiber Optic Converter - SC Connector



30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
5 Year Replacement Warranty!



ST Type


The SER-FIBER-MM is an industrial grade bi-directional externally powered multi-functional RS232/RS485/RS422 to Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Converter which converts either full-duplex RS232, half-duplex RS485 or full-duplex RS422 to a Multi-mode SC or ST connector type fiber optic link. A data direction auto-turnaround feature automatically enables the serial transmit and receive data signals when data is present, avoiding the need for software drivers, and making the device fully plug-and-play. The SER-FIBER-MM has a 8 position terminal block for the serial port, and either an ST type or SC type connector for the fiber optic link. The unit extends the maximum distance of any RS232/RS485/RS422 signal up 1.2 miles (2.0 km) using MM fiber optic cable. The unit is enclosed in a rugged steel housing. An external power supply is included.  This converter operates from 300 to 460K bps.


  • Plug-and-Play (Hot-pluggable)
  • Externally Powered DC or Included AC Adapter
  • Fiber Optic Range of Up to 1.2 miles (2.0 KM)
  • Available with ST or SC Type Connectors
  • Free Optional DIN Rail Mounts
  • RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 Can Be Mixed or Matched
  • Data Direction Auto-turnaround - No Flow Control Necessary
  • Built-in 600W Surge and 15KV Static Protection
  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • RoHS, CE, and FCC Certified



Our internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (Cert. No. 743003912) with a scope of “Design, Sales and Distribution of Data Communication Products” was recognized and certified by TÜV Rheinland of North America known for its very demanding and stringent requirements. For more details see our Quality Policy.


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