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We offer customer support and technical support 24/7.  We offer the most flexible customer and technical support available either by email, phone or live chat

For Immediate support please call or use our free live chat system.  Emails are answered usually in minutes to a few hours.  If for some reason we are not available by phone an answering service will answer the phone.   Leave your message and we will return the call usually less than an hour.

For a informal or formal email quotation please send us an email

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Phone: 1-877-218-7964
FAX: 1-732-749-3598

Senior Engineer Profile - Mordy Naftaly

Senior Engineer Profile - Mordy Naftaly

With three decades of experience with hardware and software product engineering in the areas of data communications, Mordy Naftaly has provided engineering support for serial communications products, in which he has designs to ISO-9001:2015 standards. Mr. Naftaly earned a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from the prestigious Stevens Institute of Technology. He also has a Master’s of Science in Computer Science specializing in information science. Since 2006, Mr. Naftaly has provided technical support for Sima S. Enterprises and has provided technical support for SerialComm since 2009. Prior to SerialComm, Mordy worked for L3 Communications â€" Ilex Systems for over 20 years and founded and managed the Communications Products Division. While at L3 Communications, he received an award by a U.S. Major General for his efforts in designing a satellite communication system for the Guardrail aircraft used in the Iraq Gulf War.

Contact Mordy Naftaly to successfully integrate our products into your system. He will help you put all the pieces of the puzzle together and assist you in building a reliable system.

We are a full service company offering the highest quality converters at a low price.



Quality Guarantee - SerialComm converters are low priced, high quality products and made to last a lifetime. They are manufactured in a ISO-9001 certified facility using surface mount technology with lead free components.  All converters are pretested prior to shipment and are fully guaranteed for 5 years.  There are no converters, Commercial or Industrial that surpass SerialComm's quality standards at any price tag. Satisfaction Guarantee - We offer a 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee which most companies do not offer.  If for any reason, you 're not satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, you can return it with no penalties.  We will return the full value of the order minus shipping costs. We do not reimburse express shipping fees.  We do not add restocking fees when returning a purchase within 30 days. Manufacturer's WarrantySerialComm offers a 5-year Workmanship Warranty.  We are so confident our product are built to last, within a 5 year period from the time of purchase, if a rare event of a malfunction should occur; we will replace your product for free.  Fill out our RMA form and we will issue you a RMA number for return of your product.   We do not issue refunds after 30 days of purchase. Express Shipping Guarantee - We specialize in shipping express orders on-time.  If FEDEX express shipping is selected before 6:30 PM E.S.T. and the items are in stock; we guarantee that we will get the order delivered to FEDEX on-time for the scheduled express delivery.  If we fail do to so, we will ship you the package the next day and credit you the full value of the order. (LIMITED TO $100 PER ORDER).  Please refer to our Terms for full details.

Free Worldwide Shipping - We offer FREE shipping with all SerialComm products with TRACKING!  Not just to the U.S., we ship our products worldwide for FREE.   Given availability of items, they are shipped the next business day with an ETA of 2-5 days for domestic and 5-15 days for International orders using USPS, FEDEX or DHL couriers.  Express Shipping is extra and shipped the same day ordered.


Sales & Technical Support -We offer sales and technical support by phone, live chat and email 24/7.  Our sales team  provides immediate customer support such as taking orders or assisting in expedited shipping requirements.  If you need technical help, an experienced Electrical Engineer can offer assistance.  Our technical support team can be an invaluable service which we provide for free.


Purchase Orders - We accept purchase orders as well as credit cards and PayPal. We understand that many companies prefer to issue purchase orders rather than using credit cards.  We accept purchase orders with NET 30 terms in most cases.    Not too many companies on the internet are willing to accept purchase orders but we do.  Purchase orders can be faxed or emailed.


Fully Certified - Certifying Data Communication Products is extremely important for compatibility, safety and standards compliance.  All of our products are fully certified and passed CE, FCC and RoHS compliance tests.  These certificates provide confidence that our products are the highest quality while also environmentally safe and compatible with other devices.